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me talking about my favorite female characters to the writers of the show


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When you’re at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on.

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Jessica’s reaction to Krystal’s new look


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Tim McGraw: The name of my first summer love.

Picture To Burn: Someone who's picture I'd like to burn

Teardrops On My Guitar: The last time I cried during a song

A Place In This World: The Place I'd like to live the most

Cold As You: The worst rejection I've ever gotten.

The Outside: When did I feel most alone?

Tied Together With A Smile: Who is the strongest person I know?

Stay Beautiful: Who is the most beautiful person I know?

Mary's Song (Oh My My My): The name of my first crush

Our Song: A song that means a lot to me.

I'm Only Me When I'm With You: A person I can be myself with

Invisible: An awkward confession.

A Perfectly Good Heart: I'll tell you something sweet about your blog.

Fearless: My biggest fear.

Fifteen: A memory from when I was fifteen

Love Story: A story about something romantic that happened to me.

Hey Stephen: The name of my crush

White Horse: Have I ever been in love with someone who was taken?

You Belong With Me: Which celebrity shoyld see, they belong with me?

Breathe: Something I can't breathe without

Tell Me Why: A question of mine that has yet to be answered.

You're Not Sorry: Something I'm sorry for?

Forever & Always: What do I wish to have forever and always?

The Best Day: What was the best day so far?

Change: What do I want to change about myself?

Jump Then Fall: Who's laugh is the best sound I have ever heard?

Untouchable: My biggest dream

Come In With The Rain: My favourite kind of weather.

Superstar: My celebritycrush

The Other Side Of The Door: The last person I fought with

Mine: The best thing that's ever been mine

Sparks Fly: Who captivates my like a fireworkshow?

Back To December: If I could go back in time, where would I go?

Speak Now: *Insert any question here*

Dear John: Something I wanna say to my exboyfriend/girlfriend/crush

Mean: The meanest thing someone has ever said to me.

The Story Of Us: Tell a story about someone you know

Never Grow Up: A memory about growing up

Enchanted: Someone who enchants me.

Better Than Revenge: Someone you want to teach a lesson

Innocent: How easily do I forgive?

Haunted: A memory that haunts me.

Last kiss: The last person I kissed/wanted to kiss.

Long Live: Who will I remember forever?

Ours: Who has a pretty little mind?

If This Was A Movie: If my life was a movie, who would play me?

Superman; If I had any superpower, what would it be?

State Of Grace: Who is my achilles' heel?

Red: Someone I just can't forget.

Treacherous: The most dangerous thing I have ever done

I Knew You Were Trouble: The last time I got in trouble

All Too Well: Something someone said, I remember all too well

22: My best birthday ever.

I almost do: How often do I doubt myself?

We Are Never Ever Getting Together: A couple you wish would get back together

Stay Stay Stay: Someone you can depend on

The Last Time: The Last Time I....*insert something here*

Holy Ground: I don't wanna dance, if I'm not dancing with....

Sad Beautiful Tragic: Something that makes me sad

The Lucky One: My biggest dream

Everything Has Changed: Something that has changed about me

Starlight: The most marvelous tune

Begin Again: What would I do again and again?

The Moment I Knew: The moment I knew...*insert something here*

Come Back...Be Here: Someone I miss

Girl at Home: Have I ever cheated on someone?


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YulTi hugging and comforting each other at the airport today.

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